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Butner's Senior Advisor Gets a High Percentage Rate for After School Plans

From helping fill out college applications, scholarships, and calling the recruiters Sarah McDowell is dedicated to continuing education. This is the second year Mrs. McDowell had been the senior advisor with a high percentage rate of after school plans. For the year 2015-2016 Mrs. McDowell's senior percentage rate was 71 percent with plans after school. For this 2016-2017 school year Mrs. McDowell's percentage increased by 10 percent with a total of 81 percent attending college, military, or a technical school. To ensure each scholar is prepared and ready she personally drives them to their college or technical school of choice helps them to get enrolled. This year alone she has driven over 400 miles in one day to make sure our scholars were enrolled for this upcoming semester in their new chapter in life.


Butner's House of Wisdom Wins the Big Trip

The house of Wisdom will be treated to the Sky Zone a trampoline even on Thursday, May 11th. Wisdom won with over 8200 points for the year and only 100 more than Integrity. For the first two years of this house program the same house the house of Confidence has won the end of the year house trip.


Mrs. McDowell from Butner Demonstrates Fun Through Physics

Butner's seniors and juniors had fun in physics demonstrating air lifting mass with air tubes.